Thursday, 3 April 2014

Dear Lola, 

You are three and a half.

You have a huge passion for music. 

You share this passion with your papa every single day.

You have never had a hair cut.

If you did have it cut, you would like it to match Elvis Presley.

You have a broad & hilarious vocabulary.

You love to dance.

You can be fiery and bossy.

You are mostly sweet, funny, affectionate & full of joy.

So much joy.

You love life immensely. 

In my eyes, you look exactly like your papa.

You are incredibly helpful. 

You can calmly talk your way out of anything. Well you try to anyway. 
You are wise & witty. 

You love dinosaurs & sticker books & activity books. 

You are a conversationalist.

You are an adoring big sister.

Your big family mean the whole entire world to you. 

 You dressed yourself, found my strawberry lip balm... and put bows in your hair. 

"I don't need a shirt.. after all, the sun's out."

 Stay young sweet peachface. 

Your mama

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  1. What a beautiful post! How nice that she shares a love of music with her Papa! Sun shining equals no shirt...sounds logical to me :) Gorgeous girl!