Saturday, 28 June 2014

Dear Maeve,

To celebrate 9 glorious months with you, here are 9 of my favourite photos from this past month. 

You are such a sweet, sweet natured little petal. Nothing much bothers you, making me think that although you may resemble me in appearance, you certainly adopted your papas easy going, calm nature.
Your new favourite thing is smiling whilst tilting your head to the side, making us completely melt, and giggle and cover you in kisses. 
You can be so active & busy, chattering away as you play, exploring with your new found crawling skills. But on the other hand you can be so quiet and observant. Long walks see you sit completely still as you gaze out at the world. 

Oh Maevie, you are just lovely, and we adore you, we adore you!

Your mama

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