Thursday, 18 August 2011

Dear Lola, 

Wow - what a whirlwind few weeks it has been in Lola-land. I wanted to jot a few of the tricks that you learnt down so that we don't forget when they occurred! 
On Monday 8th August papa took the day off to take care of you. I had awoken resembling a puffer fish from something I ate, and your papa decided he better stick around in case I got worse. Thankfully the swelling didn't frighten you and I was back to myself before lunch time, leaving the three of us time to laze around the house. As we sat playing on the rug you my dear stood up and took your first steps! It was a moment that involved wide eyes, cheering, clapping, stomping of feet, smiles and laughter. Your record is six whole big steps by yourself thus far, and you have spent the last week and a bit on your feet more than anything else. Your absolute fave thing is for us to hold both your hands and walk you around the house. Or more correctly, you lead us around the house! There have been a few falls, tears and extra cuddles, but considering you only found your walking legs less then two weeks ago, you're doing brilliantly.
Other tricks:
*Lola, you love turning the page at story time. The casual flick of your hand to turn a page melts my heart every time.
*You clap your hands perfectly when we sing "If your happy and you know it". 
*You point to your teddies and dolls nose when I ask where it is. 
*An oldie but a goodie is that you become very silent, look out the window and whisper when I ask you where the birds are.
* Today you sat, smiled and watched ABC for kids  on the telly longer than I have ever seen before. And seeming this is the first time you have watched tv, I just sat there glued to you as you sat there glued to a green dancing dinosaur!
*Even better was when I decided to indulge you with some more evening telly, you instantly turned away picked up a book and handed it to me to read to you! That's my 

Lola you continue to amaze us as each new day unfolds, and we just fall in love with you more and more (if at all possible) every single day. 

Your mama x

reading a bedtime story

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