Friday, 12 August 2011

Dear Lola, 

To your papa and my alarm you woke up last Sunday morning crying. Very different to the singing and sweet chatter that usually rouses us of a morning. As soon as I entered your room a strong smell of vinegar filled my lungs. You continued to cry when I picked you up out of bed, signalling that something was definitely up! Upon changing your nappy all was revealed. You are teething my little monkey and this has basically turned your pee into a skin eating acid! Oh dearie me, you poor little peach. 

The story ends well though, and as I gently cleaned and dried your red raw tosh, your sobs became softer, and then your frown turned into a big, bright smile as you spotted the birds breakfasting on our herbs! Even better was that your smile soon became a laugh as you giggled as you watched your crazy mama clapping and chasing away the birds from our dilapitated herbs. 

You now have three toothies. Two on the bottom and one on the top. I predict you have a few more (if not three) coming through! Considering this, you are doing very well you little trooper you!

However, this face of yours has made an appearance more than usual this week. Almost bringing a tear to my eye... closely followed by lots of cuddles and smothering kisses from me. 

Teething is no fun at all

Your mama x

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