Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Dear Lola, 

You poor little peach. This week you have been struck down (literally) with your first 'real' flu/fever. It was your papas and my first experience with an unwell child, and I think we all did okay. You spent two nights in our bed, pushing papa out to sleep on the couch. You tossed, coughed and turned all night, even managing to find comfort by flipping from your back to your tummy. A move you have never performed before and may never again! You felt like fire and looked like you hadn't slept in days. A scary cough, a runny nose, and projectile vomiting up your milk & lentil patties also added to your  discomfort. 

However, amongst all the chaos there was a silver lining. You snuggled, cuddled and lent into me more than ever before. You now cuddle on cue and love being tickled and stroked. It is beyond lovely! 

5 days on and you have bounced back well. It may take a bit longer to kick the cough and dripping nose - but your smiles, laughter and energy is back and this makes us very happy. 

Stay well & happy my little one.

Your mama x

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