Sunday, 4 September 2011

Dear Lola, 

On Sunday it was fathers day, and boy did we celebrate your papa in style! You were so excited you awoke at 6:30am (a new early record) so we quietly tip toed into the living area and let your papa have a nice sleep in. The sun was shining so we played in the garden and we used the leaves you picked off our gardenia to decorate papas presents that we had wrapped with brown paper & twine. 

You greeted your papa with a big smile and cuddle and then you helped open presents! We made a collage of all the photos of the two of you and you also did a painting with purple paint, which we made into a card. We secretly created a plaster artwork extravaganza that you also finger painted. We had to laugh because you were meant to do your hand print into the plaster, but as soon as your chubby fingers felt  that lovely gooey plaster you mushed your fingers into it and had a great, messy time mixing & swirling the plaster around. Mama also helped you pick out the Fleet Foxes CD and the Lord of the Rings movies on Blu Ray for your lucky papa. However, the biggest surprise was when your papa opened his last gift and it was a baby sized bike helmet. Gee did papa look confused... until you hinted that it was your helmet silly and that an even bigger surprise was waiting down stairs in the garage. To your papas disbelief you had taken his bike to the bike store to get fixed and to have a Lola sized bike seat installed on the back!

We could hardly wait to take it for a test run and the three of us rode to the beach for a coffee while you munched on some yummy banana bread. Lola you enjoyed the bike ride and the wind in your hair, even if your helmet kept slipping over your eyes. 

A three hour nap later (for you that is) we were packed and on our way to the Botanic gardens for a picnic. And picnic we did! Hours of feasting on delicious treats, duck chasing, eel searching, water dragon hunting, flower picking (and eating by you I might add) we then headed over to your Oma & Grandpas for some more playing & bell ringing. Lola you are obsessed with two of Omas special bells that live in the cupboard. The cupboard that you immediately point to when you enter the lounge room. Poor Auntie Jules - all your ringing gave her a little headache! 

Lola, it was a wonderful fathers day and before your little head hit your pillow you were already fast asleep and no doubt dreaming of your next push bike adventure with your beloved papa.

Your mama x

Opening presents
Beach laughs
Riding along on my ppushbike hunny...

More presents

Plaster funtastic!

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