Thursday, 15 September 2011

Dear Lola, 

It was a lovely 25 degrees yesterday. Spring is here baby!

And what did we do in Springs honour you might ask?!

- La, la, la, laaaaaaa... we sung, oh yes we did! Who doesn't feel like singing the day away when it's so bloomin' beautiful out. 

- We sat... we sat under the palm in the backyard, listening to the birds, pointing at clouds, quietly giggling as I watched you reach & point at the clouds with all you had, as you grew increasingly confused as to why I could not lift you to touch them.

- We devoured strawberries, till our cheeks were bulging & our clothes were stained red! 

- We walked. You are getting better at it by the day. You still fall. A lot. But you have managed to find your hands useful in breaking your fall. Your face is getting a nice, deserved rest from making contact with the floor!

- Oh and we also walked to the craft store to pick up some coloured felt & alphabet stencils, for a few craft projects I have in mind...

Well today is just as stunning, sleep well now, as when you awake we are off to the gardens to chase some ducks & visit Auntie Jules who is there with her Kindergarten class. What fun! 

Your mama

Frolicking in the garden - Mint Vintage romper from etsy - headband - mamas old stockings!

For our felt
Next project! May write something different though...

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