Thursday, 15 September 2011

Dear Lola, 

In a little over two weeks you will be turning one... 

Oh. My. 
Goodness. Me.

I'm not sure that it is right to feel anything but HAPPY about this, but it seems beyond my control to be feeling an array of other things too. Yes I'm happy, thrilled & excited. Yet I'm also a little anxious, perplexed, & dare I say it... even a tad bit sad.

We dreamt of you being for so long & now to have almost lived a whole year with you, a year that has been the most incredibly, marvellous, surreal, laughable, funny, sunny, whirlwind adventure ever! 
That said, I'm not so much sad to see you turning one - just that I will never get to have that first year with you again. 

"Ah mama" you say, "but you will have my 2nd and 3rd and 4th and 5th and so on and so on & so fourth to share with me."

Oh Lola you are so very wise, and yes I will have all those years & truly look forward to them with a gigantic smile on my face. 

And you know what? To celebrate your 1st year & welcome with open arms your 2nd, we are going to celebrate like we have never celebrated before! Hip hip hooray to that! 

Your mama x

p.s - A package arrived for you and it was overflowing with lovely things that will make your celebration all the more bright & beautiful!

Hey Yo Yo treats - thanks to etsy!

Popcorn bags

Now thats a straw!

Pretty little miss will sit atop one of your cakes