Saturday, 24 September 2011

Letter I wrote to you February 2010

5 months
Dear Lola

One enchanted evening I had a dream. It came to me as you were growing in my belly.

I sat at the beach and watched a beautiful little girl with her hair all wavy & long playing at the shoreline and skipping bare-foot in the sand. She wore a white dress of lace, almost petticoat like, and a big, yellow, floppy hat fell upon her head. She smelled of washed off sunscreen & salt, and as she spun in the late afternoon sun, it lit her up and she looked just like an angel. All of the sudden she was scooped up lovingly by a strong man. The little girl laughed as the gentle man held her high and twirled her in his arms, the water splashing up as they waded into the water hand in hand.  And for just a moment, the man turned around, and while shielding the sun with his hand he smiled. It was your papa, and in that moment I lost my breath and swiftly leant forward, for the little girl smiling up at the sun & her papa - was you sweet Lola.

This dream came to me again as I birthed you.

Your papas gentle hands were the first thing to touch you as you arrived into the world.

As I was showering your papa held you & dressed you for the first time.

I watched as he breathed you in, his lips permanently close to your little head.

You have matching eyes.

You two are inseparable and completely in love. 

And at five months on you and your papa are still my happiest of thoughts.

Your mama x

belle & boo

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