Sunday, 25 September 2011

Letter I wrote to you March 2011

6 months
Dear Lola,

Lola, this month has unfolded like many others. An evolving, transforming, ever-changing time of spontaneous exchange.

In the last 6 months you have made us see more, love more, imagine more and fear more.

See more. See the usually mundane hanging out of washing as a chance to play peek-a boo with you. See the fallen leaf that lies on the ground as something to be gently touched, scrunched & chewed. See the wind as it tickles the tree, making it dance.

Love more. Love you so much it makes our hearts do back flips.  Love the sky, the grass & the crashing waves more, as these things make you smile.  Love each other more, as we sit back & stare at our little love.

Imagine more.  Imagine that incy wincey spider climbing up the water spout. Imagine we are somewhere over the rainbow where bluebirds fly. Imagine that you are soaring through the sky as Papa throws you in the air.  

Fear more. Fear that you will grow up too quickly.

“Now there is one rule I insist be obeyed while you are in my house. No growing up. Stop this very instant.” – Granny Wendy

Your mama x

belle & boo

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