Monday, 10 October 2011

Darwin Day five - 

Dear Lola, 

Today we took it easy. You and papa went to pick up some groceries in the morning and then we filled up the clam pool in the yard and lazed around. Marty made his own beer batter barra for lunch and we all munched away on his good catch. You loved the fish, licking your fingers clean and even sneaking some of mamas with one quick swoop.

Munching on barra

Lola LOVES mango

In the afternoon we made our way over to visit the family who are staying at Peters tree-top bungalow. As we are staying in a fairly new house we were keen to have a peek into a typical Darwin house. Surrounded by palms and green growth we did literally feel as though we were living amongst the trees. You were in your element Lola, stomping up and down the hallways with your best bud Erin. Erin is 11 and you grab her hand and cuddle her at every opportunity.

As the evening draws near we all make our way to Aquascene fish feeding . Every day at high tide hundreds of fish come to shore to be fed by hand. It was quite a sight & we all got right in there, with a fist full of bread each, and you wriggling on my hip in an attempt to launch yourself into the water with the fish. There were little waves breaking up against the steps we were feeding from and we got absolutely drenched and covered in salt. 

Lola reaching for Erin

Lola joins the three wise monkeys!

Getting wet & feeding the fish

Papa is such a brilliant cook! Did I mention that? As I relaxed on the lounge Marty prepared a feast of sweet potato chips & basil, oregano, garlic and bell pepper lamp chops. 

Although today was fairly quiet, tomorrow our adventure continues at Litchfield, where we will stay for three nights. We have hired a cabin at the doorstep of the National Park. We return to Darwin for one night then off to Kakadu for two nights. We won't have the computer, but I'll catch up on our journal when we return. I'm sure there will be more than a few yarns to share!
Your mama

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