Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Darwin Day Six -

Dear Lola,

Hi Ho Hi Ho - it's off to Litchfield National Park we go! Yes, we are a tad bit excited and the drive there is pleasant one, with the scenery providing constant conversation. We arrive at our cabin that boarders the park, it has a good to feel to it, and we unpack quickly as we are keen to start exploring. 
We decide to drive to Wangi Falls first. It is about 30 minutes from where we are staying and we have heard it is pretty spectacular. Everything is extremely well laid out and as we walk toward the falls we aren’t at all disappointed with what we discover.

Lola you continue to amaze us at how willing you are to swim and get as close to the waterfalls as we dare to. You go with the flow, just doing your thing in your ring! Kicking about, waving, singing, splashing - oh yes you have learnt to splash and do it on cue!

After a swim we went for a short stroll to tree-top lookout. The lookout itself wasn't that great, but the massive spiders and bats we saw along the way were pretty incredible.

Lola's face says it all!

Cooling off

We decide one waterfall is enough for one day and spend the evening relaxing in the pool and preparing for dinner. As we are staying in a one room cabin we put you to bed and then set-up on our balmy front porch for the night.With a cool  beer in one hand  Marty's deluxe sausage sandwich in the other, we put our feet up and watch the geckos as they play on the roof above us.

Your mama

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