Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Darwin Day Fourteen - 

Dear Lola, 

Recharge day number two! Realising we have had a mere two recharge days out of fourteen just proves what an incredible time we have had in Darwin. That said, we can't leave without going on a little walk around Cullen Bay. The bay area is quiet, posh and we can smell the ocean & fresh fish the boats are bringing in. The water looks stunning, but given the warning signs about box jellyfish and crocs every few metres, we resist temptation and only dare go onto the sand.
We are soon transfixed by the variety and beauty of the rocks and shells that scatter the shoreline. Lola, you wisely stay in the cool comfort of your pram while we explore a bit. You sift through the rocks we hand you, tossing the ones that don't make the cut over your shoulder.

 It has been darn hot in Darwin since day one and we LOVE it! However this leaves us with only limited time in the sun before we are all looking around for a water source to jump into. We spend some time by the pool. Mama practices her dive, Papa his front flips and Lola practices keeping her swim pants on when being tossed in the air!

It doesn't work out so well for you! 

Not to worry, we soon retreat to the 'cold' spa for some bubble time!

We all have a long afternoon nap. Even Marty who never naps, has a little shut eye with you.
Startled by how quickly the day has gone we jump in the car and head over to Peter's (Peter's late wife Glenda is Dougs cousin). The whole family have gathered for a big farewell feast. Sam, Devon & the kids plus Gerry, Chris and the boys have all made us feel so welcome and we feel really fortunate to have shared some of our time in Darwin in their company.  Devon & Jordan treat us to a guitar show, you wriggle your hips about, and we all applaud loudly. We are rather sad to leave, and Sam surprises us with a drawing she has done of you Lola. Sam is a very talented artist and from the moment you put your arms out for her when she picked us up at the airport fourteen days ago, Sam has fallen for you, as so many do who meet you.

Another late evening, means it's quick to bed for you little darling, as we pack and ready ourselves for an early flight to Cairns in the morning. Darwin you have been good to us and we will be back as soon as we can!

Your mama

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