Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Darwin Day Thirteen - 

Dear Lola,

I have a lovely sleep in this morning as Papa takes you down to the pool for a morning swim. This is our second last day in Darwin so what better way to spend it than at Crocosaraus Cove! We seem to be a family fast becoming obsessed with crocs, so with Marty as our ringleader we head into the park.  We are a little sad to see these crocs in their enclosures having only witnessed them in the wild days earlier, but we still get a thrill being this close to them. There is lots of croc related fun to be had.

Lola the explorer!

Papa & mama swim in a tank full of baby crocs...

Marty fishes for baby crocs as we stand back and laugh as they spring out of the water. 

We try to get you to have a nap in the dimly lit reptile house but you are too excited so we go and play with a baby croc instead. The park is quiet today so we have the little fella to ourselves, and you cuddle & gently stroke him. Then you play his back like it’s a bongo drum but he doesn’t seem to mind!

You cry when we leave, but we think you are a little overtired. 

In the early evening we head over to visit the family. Family we have yet to meet as they were away on their own holiday when we stayed at their house. Chris, Gerry & the boys are the friendliest & most hospitable family we may have ever met! We enjoy a beautiful dinner of salmon & homemade ice-cream for dessert. We leave at 9pm – you have done incredibly well to stay awake & happy for this long.
The fun continues back at the apartment, you leave us in stitches dear Lola, and since you have learnt to run we have to chase you around the apartment to try and get your sleep sack on - you think this is hilarious! 

  Your mama

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