Friday, 14 October 2011

Darwin Day Nine -

Dear Lola,
Today was a recharge day before Kakadu tomorrow.  Big swim for you and papa as mama packs up the cabin. There is something about packing up ready to move onto the next adventure that gives us a new burst of energy.

We drive back to Darwin; you fight sleep and instead choose to just watch the world go by out the window.  Sleep for you comes shortly after we arrive back in Darwin once you have greeted the pups. We spend the remaining day relaxing and chasing your naked toshie around.  

Skyping family in the afternoon was a real treat, and your Oma, Granpda and Uncle Luke were even treated to you popping on the kitchen floor. I guess statistically that was to be expected given you have been naked half the time we are here. Thank goodness for tiled floors! Not many photos today, except for a few of your cheeky peachface!

Your mama

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