Thursday, 13 October 2011

Darwin Day Eight - 

Dear Lola,

This day should be titled “Lola Sleeps”. After a restful night’s sleep we all rise at 7am. Papa makes us all some delicious bacon & egg burgers on the bbq for breakfast. After a full belly you make your way back to bed, I put my feet up on the balcony with my book and papa being the adventurer he is goes to explore the Finnis river that boarders the Cabin Park. It has started to rain steadily as he arrives back, the first rain I have seen all trip, and it is a welcome relief as the temp still remains in the mid thirties. When you awake we all go for a swim in the pool in the pouring rain. You love water - especially when it's coming at you from all angles!

Cascade Falls is our destination for the morning, but we are no more than 100 metres down the road before you fall asleep again. Upon arriving at the falls we realise the walk to the water hole is probably to far considering the temperature is slowly rising as we hit midday. 

Applying sunscreen to a sleeping baby

Instead we decide to pick up some lunch supplies at a nearby cafe and head to Wangi Falls for a picnic lunch and swim. It is refreshing, but you my dear are still yawning away!

Croc cam  - this is how Marty looks for crocs that may lie beneath

No really Lola is enjoying this! This is the face L pulls when she gets water on her face!
It occurs to us that we may have pushed the waterfall adventures, sun & fun  a little too much in the last couple of days and that you may prefer to just sleep the day away in the comfort of our air conditioned cabin. So we head home,you falling asleep once again and then again when we get back to the homestead. Yep definitely to much sunshine for you little super trooper.
You have just enough energy to enjoy a wallaby battle!

We jump into the cool water of our pool before a lovely dinner at the outdoor restaurant at the cabin park, you devour chips loaded with tomato sauce. 

You and papa have a bit of a tummy ache, and we believe the culprit was the sandwich we purchased at the cafe for lunch. After some extra cuddles, stories and songs you finally crash for what we hope will be a another long nights sleep.

Your mama

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