Monday, 17 October 2011

Darwin Day Twelve -

Dear Lola,

We farewell Kakadu this morning and hit the road. You sleep a majority of the trip...

We stop at a rustic, old looking shed at the side of the road called ‘The Didgeridoo Hut’. It’s an old hut overflowing with Aboriginal art and didgeridoos etc. Best of all are the talking parrots, dogs, snakes (in cages), a baby croc and your new best friend, a baby wallaby. You follow Cody around, patting him “Gentle Lola!” and you are fascinated with his tail, giving it a few good yanks to make sure it was attached. 

We arrive at our Cullen Bay apartment to find that I have booked us into a very small, basic apartment with one room and no kitchen. We go to reception to enquire about upgrading to a room with a kitchen and separate bedroom. Lola, your smiling face and outstretched arms for a cuddle to management help in landing us a free upgrade to a much better room!

After you have a long sleep we head down to the pool. Another pool, another bunch of new friends for you to make Lola. We drive into Darwin city (2 minutes up the road) and do a little shopping and the groceries. Lola, we spend a long time in one particular store as you make your way behind the counter, sit down and play with a 16 month old baby girl named Chloe whose mum owns the store. We buy a t-shirt for you from this store seeming you made yourself so very much at home there.

We spend some more time by the pool, then head back to our room to unwind, have a substantial dinner seeming we have a kitchen thanks to you, put you to bed, and slouch on the lounge, the balmy night air making us sleepy & content.

Your mama

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