Sunday, 2 October 2011

Dear Lola, 

Happy 1st Birthday sunshine.  We had a perfect day surrounded by your nearest & dearest. You laughed, smiled, kissed, cuddled & clapped the day away. Oh and you also ate some delicious treats. Your great oma's penguin waffles were your most favourite. You were so very happy all day long. I'm pretty sure you went to sleep with a big smile on your face - I know I sure did. I made this video for you. We love you more than you know.

Your mama

note: video is best played small, as it is a little fuzzy wuzzy when blown to full screen :)


  1. Happy birthday Lola!!!
    Your birthday buddy, Jemma (and her Mama)

  2. Happy Birthday Lola! When was her birthday?!! My little boy turned 6 on October 2nd!