Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Dear Lola,

We are on HOLIDAYS! This is what we say as you snuggle in our bed each morning for cuddles. At the sound of these four words you throw yourself back onto the pillows and flap your arms about. It amazes us how aware you are that we are away.

We landed in Darwin (Northern Territory) three days ago. And boy what a big three days of exploring we have done. I'll fill you in.

First we'll start with the flight here:
I must begin by saying you made some lovely Canadian friends at the airport terminal. You cuddled, played peek and boo then sadly waved them farewell as we boarded our plane to Darwin. Four hour flight, which was described by your papa like this - one hour spent sleeping, one hour spent eating sultanas, one hour spent wriggling, and one hour spent in the cabin with the air hostess. All in all you handled your longest flight to date like a frequent flyer.

snoozing on the plane

Your mama

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