Saturday, 8 October 2011

Darwin Day three - 

Dear Lola,
As we are staying at a house with two small dogs, every morning is like Christmas for you. You greet the cheeky pups (as we call them) with such enthusiasm that you often land on your bottom from all the excitement.  This is a typical start to our day. Next is to look out the window at the weather. We have fast found out that if the forecast states thunderstorms, (which it has been for the last 3 days) that this is actually code for crystal blue skies, with a faint, distant cloud floating somewhere off on the distant horizon. No thunder or rain feature and  this therefore leaves our day open to all sorts of adventures.

This morning is Parap village markets, a favourite among locals who say they couldn’t survive a weekend without their Saturday morning laksa, satay prawns or fresh tropical smoothie!  We purchase some local art, a cold fruit smoothie & a bib for you to wear whilst consuming the smoothie. Note to self – next time remember the bib! It is humid & hot and we only stay for a little while. Oh we also buy a fan for a few bucks to cool you down. 

Cooling off at the markets

For the afternoon we have booked a jumping croc river cruise – as you do on a lazy, sunny Saturday afternoon. We are so excited to get there that we actually miss the turn on the highway , spend long minutes debating whether or not we have missed the turn, before making it there just in time to board our double decker boat. 

Our boat

As soon as we are seated Papa spots the first croc! The adrenaline skyrockets as all three of us keep our eyes peeled & marvel at these incredible animals in the wild.  The next hour is spent cruising down a muddy river, watching as crocs swim toward our boat, tension growing as they spot the goats head dangling over the edge of the boat. Then comes the jumping part. The crocs propel themselves out of the water, rewarded with a tasty treat. Our guides are passionate, ethically responsible & respect the crocs, each of the crocs we spot are named & loved. I must admit watching these powerful creatures jump out of the water is jaw-dropping stuff. Lola you are thoroughly entertained & watch in silence, with an outstretched arm pointing at the croc in case others on board have missed it. 

You are announced best baby to ever board the boat as you remain happy & smiley for the duration of the ride. We are told that other babies /children naturally scream or cry at the sight of the crocs. We aren’t sure whether it’s a good or bad thing that you welcome these animals with open arms and a clap – most probably the latter. This encounter confirms that you are your papa's daughter through & through... perhaps we have a little wildlife warrior in the making.  Steve Irwin would be proud!

At least you have learnt to run now...

 When we arrive home watermelon, water play & a tasty bbq round up yet another incredible day.

Your mama

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