Friday, 7 October 2011

Darwin Day Two -

With temps hovering in the mid 30's and blue skies galore, it seems that the only thing that is on our minds the most is water! Particularly the question of how one can immerse oneself in water for a prolonged period of time. With a water park wonderland only minutes down the road, we knew where we were headed this morning. This water play was cool in every sense. Lola, you braved the big kids and walked on in as water splashed, poured & wiped you off your feet. Neither the noise or craziness of this place deterred you Lola, as papa and you zoomed down the water slides to my amusement & laughter. And yes once again you made lots of friends and discovered that a hug isn't enough to seal these friendships, but a big kiss is! We caught up with our Darwin family, Ness, Rob & the kids Erin & Andy. You love Erin especially.

The sun drove us home as we re-fueled with a big bbq lunch & a nap.

Onto Howard Springs in the afternoon where on further exploration Papa found it to be nothing more than a haunted, abandoned lagoon guarded by a frilled neck lizard with an old sign declaring "prohibited swimming." We quickly turned away - a little disappointed (although papa was excited by his lizard encounter) & headed to the the safety of Night Cliff swimming pools. True to the name - we swam in a lovely pool perched on the cliffs of Night Cliff beach. From here we headed home to cook some dinner.

Now Lola, when the day ends with you eating a big bowl of spaghetti bolognese naked on the tiled floor, laughing between mouthfuls, we know it has been a good day. A brilliant day at that!

Your mama

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