Monday, 31 October 2011

Palm Cove - Day Twenty Six

Dear Lola,

Today is our last day on holidays! But don't despair little one, because come November 10th we will once again be boarding that big, funny thing we point to in excitement and say "plane, Lola, plane!" to go to New Zealand for a month. Although lets not get ahead of ourselves quite yet as we still have today to explore!

And explore we did as we headed back into Cairns to check out the sights. We filled up on felafel's for lunch in the comfort of Cairns shopping complex, and then let you loose on the Christmas display at Myers. You gently touched all things sparkly and were not at all impressed when we had to buckle you back in your stroller! What else would we expect, your middle name is Noelle after all.

Cairns art gallery was our next stop, and let us tell you baby girl, these galleries are so baby proof that we had enough time to admire the art without worrying about you getting into something you shouldn't. Best place to take a baby by far! If we didn't know better we would have sworn you yourself were a famous piece of artwork judging from the smiles and looks of admiration you were getting from everyone in the room.

The hot sun was beating down so a lovely, relaxing swim in the lagoon along the esplanade was a perfect idea before we bundled back into the car for the drive home to Palm Cove.

We strolled the main street of Palm Cove soaking in the salty atmosphere. What better way to spend our last night then by sitting by the seashore enjoying some delicious Indian. You wouldn't be our child if you didn't like butter chicken and naan, so it's a lucky thing you not only ate that, but soaked your naan in raita too. That's our girl!

We are off home tomorrow sweet girl. We may be leaving behind a little piece of paradise, but we have our own piece waiting for us when we get back home. 

Your mama

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