Sunday, 30 October 2011

Palm Cove - Kuranda - Day Twenty five

Dear Lola, 

You slept like the little champ you are last night and awoke all bright eyed and ready to jump straight in the pool this morning. You love the water, you always have ever since you were just a wee newborn. Despite this you haven't had that much practice going under water. That all changed this morning, as we dunked you over and over (to your delight I might add). Following this I waited in nervous anticipation as you and papa braved the croc slide in our pool. What was I worried about, you flew down it and hit the water with a splash! There were no tears, a cheeky smile and a look on your face as if asking "again?" 

Midday saw us hit the road with our destination being Kuranda (in the hills west of Cairns), and what we found was a quirky, colourful, fun little town. First stop was the butterfly sanctuary, where we oohed & aahed at all the flutter butterflies flying around and landing on us. Lola you stretched your arms as far as you could and even caught a butterfly in your little hand.

Look mama a butterfly

A stroll through the town & the alley markets in search for lunch was a cheeky little adventure, as we immersed ourselves in the quirky town atmosphere.

Back at home mama napped while papa took you for another splish splash and run about the grass. We strolled into town and dined by the water on coral trout and delicious antipasto platter. You approved of the fish, but preferred the bed of mash it was sitting on.

Your mama

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