Saturday, 29 October 2011

Palm Cove - Green Island - Day Twenty four

Dear Lola, 

We are excited to touch base with Cairns this morning before we board a boat to Green Island. As it is a Saturday the esplanade is buzzing with seaside markets, picnics and live music. Situated amongst the fun chaos is a huge swimming area, complete with sand. shade covers & abstract, stainless still water features. As we look over the blue, still, untouchable water, we feel it's a shame that one can't swim in it, but  decide that the huge lagoon pool is a pretty good alternative. 

Boarding our boat 'The Reef Rocket', we are advised that ginger tablets are available for those experiencing sea sickness and for best results take one NOW. I believe my last words were "If Lola is fine, I'll be fine." Pretty much as soon as the motor started I felt quesy. I spent a majority of the trip standing at the front of the boat focusing all my efforts on the horizon. Papa had you out back, you were less than thrilled as the boat trip coincided with your midday nap, and there was no chance of you napping in these rocky waters. We were more than happy to get off that boat and the beauty of the island and crystal blue waters soon made everything better. 

We took it in turn to snorkel, Lola you finally got your nap and we spent the rest of the afternoon lazing by the water.

Highlight of the snorkelling was swimming with this guy

The colourful array of fish and coral life was incredible. As I didn't do a reef tour, I felt I saw my special, little piece of the reef today. We walked around half the island, we lost your hat, & before we knew it we were all waving farewell to Green Island from the boat. 

Mama took Papas advice this time and the ginger tablets worked a treat! With the wind in our hair and Cairns city fast approaching, we felt so incredibly blessed to have explored and swam in the surrounding waters of Green Island. A day we won't soon forget. 

A picnic dinner of Wok in Box noodles on the balcony as you watched kids splashing about in the pool was a perfect way to end the day.

Your mama

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