Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Port Douglas - Day Twenty One

Dear Lola,

Having re-discovered how much you adore the beach, after your morning nap we find ourselves splashing & walking about the sea-shore again. Oh and you also ate half a watermelon.

In the afternoon we decide to go on a river cruise down the Daintree River. We board our electric eco-boat and spend the next hour pointing out crocs, electric blue kingfishers, snakes dangling from trees & spoon bills (birds) and egrets. 

This is your best boat cruise yet, as you sit still 95% of the trip, banging rocks together, pointing to birds & munching on crackers. Of course everyone on our boat is offered a soggy cracker, and a wave. You also get up close to two baby bats that have been rescued. You say "bat" and point to the little furry critters and laugh. 

It was a lovely way to spend a warm afternoon and as we drove back to Port D. we were treated to the sun setting over the mountains.

The day wasn't over yet and before we knew it we were strolling along the beach on our way to dinner by the water. Beautiful prawns & mackerel were on the menu, both of which you loved. 

Your mama

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