Thursday, 27 October 2011

Port Douglas - Day Twenty two -

Dear Lola,

Breakfast was served by the seashore today. Some days you're not particularly interested in pursuing a morning nap, and it's on these days that we have breakfast al fresco.This is our last day in Port Douglas, a place we have grown very fond of. The relaxed lifestyle that this place evokes often leaves us questioning what day it is, and don't even ask what time it is, as our response is a silent, blank stare, often relying on the sun or whether or not our tummies are grumbling for food.

A big midday nap allows Papa to read by the pool as I put my feet up and doze on the couch. 

The warm afternoon leads up back to the shade of our palm tree at the beach. We swim and then join efforts in building a gigantic moat with several castles. Papa chases and catches a crab, announcing the snappy critter Sebastian - King of Crab County! Lola you are fearless as Sebastian crawls in your hand and you watch intensely at his every move.

 As the sun is setting we stroll into town for one last walk down main street. A passion fruit sorbet refreshes us all, as we decide where to eat dinner. I vote Mexican , and before we know it you are tucking into a burrito and enchilada!

Off to Palm Cove in the morning!
Your mama

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