Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Dear Lola,

Holiday Challenge Number 1:  

Feed one walking, babbling, cheeky funster named Lola three meals a day, including an appetising morning and afternoon tea, whilst traveling around New Zealand at an incredible pace!

I must admit it took us a good week or so to get into the swing of things meal wise, working out how to offer enough variety, vitamins and minerals to assist in keeping you growing, full and smiling from ear to ear. 

I can happily report that coming into week four of this journey you are still very much alive and flourishing, & best of all meal time is looked forward to with eager, grubby hands & a wide open gob!

Strawberries, bananas (nanas to you), raisin bread & an absolute new favourite; a crunchy combo of pea, lentil & adzuki sprouts have been our saviours.

Tapas style eating is the key to your stomach, and that way if it’s not eaten it gets bagged up (thanks papa for packing an endless supply of seal lock bags) and eaten later.

On the lunch menu today – pea, lentil & adzuki sprouts, olives, a falafel pattie, colby cheese & corn kernals fresh of the cob - (although I soon learnt you like them fresh ON the cob, as you grabbed mine before I could get my own hands on it)

getting my daily dose of vitamin c.
And yes Lola, we have discovered you’re a completely normal kid as holidays wouldn’t be holidays without maccas french fries, which you happily accept with a great big "ta mama!"

Your mama

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