Thursday, 1 December 2011

Dear Lola,

I have been doing an awful lot of reminiscing this trip. Perhaps it’s the long, lazy car rides, with the warmth of the rising sun shining through the window, instantly transporting me back to summer holidays as a child. Yes, I think that's it.

Each year the Wasow family of five would pull out a great big ol’ map and all pour over it deciding upon a place to holiday that summer. We did this E.V.E.R.Y. single summer for too many years to count.

What comes to mind the most are images of my dad, and now that Marty is a papa himself, I have seen my dad more in him this trip than ever before.

On holidays, my view of my own father were from the middle seat in the car as we drove to our destination. Of his back as I lingered behind holding his hand. The side of his face as he filled the car with petrol. His smile & his hand as he motioned for us to jump out of the car as he had found a place for us to stay, only after having made sure it had a super-cool pool worthy of his three kids first.

It hit me with one big hard smack of emotion. This is now Lola’s view of the world, of her papa...

And what a papa he is.

Just as my own father did, Marty has been behind the wheel the whole time (6000km), filling us up with petrol through rain, hail and shine. 

Jumping out to check out countless hotels, motels & caravan parks before checking us into the one with the best playground for you (it’s a little too cold for the pool to matter!)

On long walks, running ahead to make sure the lookout on the walking trail was actually worth looking at!

Keeping our heads nodding & feet tapping as the in car DJ.

Not to mention keeping our clothes clean with regular washes.

Keeping us clean! (papa always remembers the wipes)





Wiping snotty noses ( predominantly yours :).

Making us laugh after a long day.

Entertainment co-coordinator.


& storyteller… to name but a few.

Not to down play the role of a mama… but we’ll save that for another letter peachy girl.

The role of a papa is an amazing one, and I’m not sure how your papa knows exactly what to do, so perfectly, so timely & with such immense patience, ease, style and a smile that makes me want to stop in my tracks and applaud him. But I don’t of course because your papa does it with such grace & love, and besides that my hands would most probably get pretty sore, pretty quickly…

We are two blessed young ladies.

Your mama

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  1. Beautiful post Ash. Such a lovely tribute to your Dad and to Marty.