Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Dear Lola,

Holiday Challenge Number Two – Waitomo Caves

We booked a tour of the Waitomo Caves today.  The tour included 30 minutes exploring the magnificent underground caves plus a 15 minute boat ride through a glow worm cave.

“Is your child okay being in pitch black darkness?”

“Yes” – Your papa and I and answer is sync unison, looking at each other with raised eyebrows and a nod. All the while thinking, have you ever even been in pitch black darkness? Let alone pitch black darkness on a boat!

It was only when we entered the caves through a small hole in the wall that a little wave of doubt washed over me.
No,  no, it’s all good, I reassured myself, after all you were in the carrier on my back and you love being in there. It’s like you’re giving me one big, long hug, and we all know how much you love hugs!

Then our somewhat serious, “I’ve given this tour a thousand times” tour guide announced to the group that we must be very quiet in the caves, and when we get to the boat ride we must be completely silent or else the glow worms will get frightened and won’t glow. In the terror of the moment I swear I heard him say that any slight sound would see them drop dead straight onto our heads!


We had a few things going for us.
1.You had just had a nice morning sleep, therefore were in the ideal mood.
2. We were equipped with one packet of sultanas that papa had casually thrown in my bag prior to leaving.
3. We had your dummy – although you have slowly begun the weaning process and often the dummy is handed back to us when popped in your mouth. That is, if you’re not in the car, tired or in bed.

So the outcome… 

One happy baby that was perhaps more amazed at the underground wonderland of limestone than most of the others on our tour. Content, happy, quiet. Although the quiet part never mattered, because let’s face it, you’re little and that pretty much gives you a free pass to be as loud as you wish to be.  

And as for the boat ride, well you were the one shushing others for talking! Actually there was a lot of shushing going on, luckily none of it whatsoever was aimed at you. We made use of the sultanas, the dummy was politely handed back to us, and you my little one shone brighter than those glow worms.  

Papa & I exited the caves proud as punch!

We weren’t allowed to take photos inside the caves, but we got a few as we were leaving the glow worm cave. On exiting through the gift shop we were presented with a photo package, where the photo that was taken of us prior to entering the caves was superimposed in front of dramatic limestone formations.  Holding back laughter we declined the purchase of this package and opted to just have the memories of our time in a cave with our very well behaved baby… that was until we tried to put you back in the car. Ah well, no ones perfect :)

Entering the dark glow worm cave

You can chat now Lola!

Daylight! Exiting the cave

Your mama x

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