Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Dear Lola,

Luckily for you Lola your Omi reminded mama & papa that it was Nikolaustag today.  Last night we left your shoe outside on the front porch for St. Nikolaus to visit and fill with treats. Although you didn’t have a boot to shine and leave out front, you had a purple sandal that we thought would do the job just fine.

Oh the joy when you woke up this morning to discover that St. Nikolaus had left a packet of sultanas and a strawberry hidden in your sandal.  If you had been unhelpful and impolite during the year a tree branch or bunch of twigs would be left in your shoe. Hmmm, I don't think you would have minded the twigs…

Your papa would also get a visit from St. Nikolaus each year as a child and we think it’s a lovely tradition to continue with you each year. And judging by the trail of sultanas from the front door and your strawberry kissed lips, we think you do too!

Your mama

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