Sunday, 15 January 2012

Dear Lola, 

A huge milestone was accomplished today, which I might add took significant courage on my part. As for you, well you were cool, calm, collected & raring to go as usual.

This is how it played out - 

10:00am - I hover around the door to the church creche with you in my arms. I peer into a space where tons of children sort lego, roll out play dough, rollie pollie and fall over each other as they chase a blue ball.

Papa gently leads us toward the door, and we are no sooner in this sea of children, when you spot the giant lego blocks & wiggle out of my arms and toddle off without a second glance. 

For a while I sit back and observe you from a distance, as you hold your lego piece, pass it to a boy about the same size next to you, and then turn and hug the girl standing by your side.

10:15am - I leave you sitting at the play-doh table, & as I'm pushing the door to leave you turn around and wave ta ta. 
Yep - cue moment that mama almost loses it. 

10:30am - I sit in church, finding it a little difficult to concentrate on the words being spoken, as images of you falling off the chair I left you sitting in at the playdoh table run rapidly through my mind. 

11:15am -Hand in hand your Papa and I walk (rather briskly) toward the creche to collect you. And there you are dear Lola, hair in your eyes, marching through the kids, blue ball in hand, looking right at home, and most probably for someone to hug!

Lucky for us we are greeted with that hug, and I then proceed to kiss your head only a million and one times.

It was a big achievement for a little peach such as yourself... And yes we were told that you did indeed fall off that chair when I left, only to get straight back up again and soldier on. That's our girl! 

Your mama

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