Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Dear Lola,

This precious little flustered face & stance of yours tells me that it’s hot, that a beautiful summer is upon us, and that we must go eat some watermelon, or go find some water to swim & cool off in.

My hope for you is that in years to come you can feel the warm breeze in your hair, watch the pink evening sky as it sets, wipe the watermelon juice from your chin, twirl around in a pretty sun dress, and for just a moment through some familiar sound, taste, smell, sight or touch, remember & be transported back to the first few summers we shared.

Summer seems to overflow with many familiar happenings. For us my love, some of these include -

Floppy hats & flower cozzies.

Swimming at the beach with Auntie Jules.

Naked frolic’s on the balcony & blowing bubbles.

 Sticky cuddles from mama.


Watering cans full of cold water for splashing.

Shoulder rides from papa.

Summer holidays & cuddles from cousin Calvin.

Not to mention devouring watermelon, blueberries, picnics under the shade of a tree in the garden, river adventures, long naps, swinging, sliding, sandcastles, sprinklers, ice-cream.. and the list goes on.

And when Summer has come and gone for another year, and all that lingers is the sand in our shoes & the collected shells on our window ledge, we will only have to look down at the hand we are holding to see our own little ray of sunshine is right there to keep us smiling till the next time that Summer comes around.

Your mama

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