Monday, 20 February 2012

Dear Lola,

Scene from our visit to the op shop today - you held on tightly to a little teddy dressed in red velvet, as Auntie Jules chased you down the aisles, while Uncle Luke admired a retro drinks tray, & I found some treasure & treats for you. 

Knitted 'seal balancing ball' jumper - to keep you nice and toasty this winter.
Fred Bare pants - lime green with gorgeous little flowers sprinkled over them - perfect for Autumn.
A Dragon In a Wagon Golden Book - this is a classic & the illustrations are stunning.
Retro cotton pastel play long shorts - Your Opapa would say "Are they long shorts or short longs?" 
Ceramic Owl spoon rest - that's for me. For a buck, I couldn't leave the little guy behind.

Sssshhhhh - don't tell papa, but I also made another cushion. I have a weakness for cushions, lamps, chairs & throw rugs. On the bright side, I recycled one of my old dresses to make it, & I think papa will like this cushion that extra bit more, because it has a built in pocket. A function I sure know you appreciate Lola, as I found some of your sultanas hiding in there just this morning.

Your mama

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  1. You are too clever!!!! Love all those opshop finds too!