Monday, 27 February 2012

Dear Lola, 

Did I ever tell you how blessed we are to have four of the best, burly boys living within five minutes of our new home? Well we do, and we are very blessed!
On a grey & humid Sunday afternoon, Grandpa, Uncle Jimmy & Papa (Uncle Lukey escaped this round) went up to our new house & got stuck into the garden. We sat back & watched its solid attempts to gobble them right up, all the while ducking for cover as weeds, tree trimmings & cuttings were thrown in our general direction. We dutifully popped all waste in the green bin & picked on some sneaky weeds, discovering how therapeutic weed pulling really is!

With Grandpa as chief gardener they were never going to fail! They made a big impression in what is a large & luscious garden.

To top it off we meet some of our lovely neighbours who offer us bottomless cordial & tea & warn us of the deer that sometimes find refuge on our driveway! We believe these will come in handy at Christmas time, as we have big plans to deck the front trees with twinkling lights... which means no plastic reindeer in our Christmas display thank you very much!

And this is only a quarter of the yard...

Trimmed a treat

Side entrance to the yard

Secret doorway & hallway to the bush beyond!
Your mama


  1. That's a lovely looking garden. Hi! I have a Lola too.

  2. Oh Ash!! It's amazing! Congratulations on being homeowners :) I hope Hamish and I get to visit one day and play in that amazing garden! Xoxo