Monday, 24 September 2012

Dear Lola,

You will turn two in exactly one week. As I type this you are asleep in my arms. You have a cold and although you tried to nap in your own bed, you found comfort, your eyes grew heavy, and you fell asleep in my arms.

With your birthday fast approaching, my heart & mind race a little faster with the anticipation of having a two year old. I have found myself more aware of every time  you say “I want a cuddle from mama”. Words you whisper, shout, laugh & sometimes cry many times throughout the day, and for this I am very grateful.

Physical touch has always been your thing. From as young as 6 months you would reach out for a cuddle from all those you held dear, as well as complete strangers we’d pass by. Your little friends, cousins, and kids at the park would be in your arms before they saw you coming.  You have always just loved to cuddle.

On the other hand, the amount of times you have fallen asleep in my arms, I could possibly count on two hands. These few times being in your first few weeks of life & on plane trips, but that’s about it. I guess you could say you love your bed as much as you love giving cuddles.

So while I may have gotten a bit teary and sentimental over the last few days about my baby turning two, right now, as you sleep on me soundly, well all I can say is, that you’ve always known exactly what your mama needs… 

Your mama 


  1. I had my first semblance of a cuddle yesterday. Joni was lying on my chest and I had to get up out of the chair, I lent forward to get my hands around her, but she clung on to me like a little koala! I'm sure she didnt know what she was doing, but it was lovely.
    I can't believe Lola is going to be two next week. That has gone so quickly; for me anyway, I imagine it has gone really quick for you too. Even though Joni is just over a week old, I have a sense already at how quickly it all goes by! xox

  2. And also... this post must have been playing on my mind somehow. Night before last, I dreamt I was in some kind of big field and I could see Lola, you, your Mum and my Mum across the other side. I waved over to you and then Lola started running towards me and gave me such a big hug when she got to me. Then we walked hand in hand over to you all. It was lovely and made me smile when I remembered the dream the next morning.

  3. Dear Ella, your dream sounded just lovely. I wish I could meet your Joni in my dreams... I'll try extra hard tonight, and think lots about her & you before I go to sleep. You are all never far from mind, so it shouldn't be hard :)
    I was telling Lola about Joni today and she said in a quiet voice "Lola give Joni a cuddle".
    Also tell your mum that when we went to Omas and Opas week before last, Lola was looking for aunty gel.
    You have lots of cuddles to look forward too - they are the best!
    Kisses & cuddles, ash xx