Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Dear Lola, 

A few bits & pieces from the last few weeks. Lately we have been:
Busy in the garden, planting all sorts of herbs, some tomato plants, cucumber plants & off cuts papa finds.
Busy at the playground & the Botanic Gardens, where one can find you searching for water dragons, scarecrows, looking for a duck you call Romeo or in the sandpit, at least three mornings each week.
Busy staring at Edie & willing her to smile (which isn't hard, that baby loves to smile!)
Busy chasing two growing chickens around the yard & getting them used to their new coop papa put together.
Busy working out holiday plans for the early new year.
Busy planning arrangements for two very special weddings coming up.
Busy doing endless puzzles, reading countless books, painting, sticking, taping, drawing, threading & twirling.
oh and busy flying kites & dressing up as dinosaurs.

going on a dino hunt

thanks for my gifts adelaide jamesons.

my milk baby

omi & opi got me a drill set

afternoon tea with squirrel

happy 1st birthday walty

tee pees & papa are the best

off to the pool with my dinosaurs in tow

kite flying & chasing go hand in hand

Your mama

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