Saturday, 26 January 2013

Dear Lola, 


Lately, a lot of things in your life are being described as "a secret". Everything from a drawing you are doing, to flowers you're picking, to a book you're flicking through, or even a funny dance you're doing. If I walk in to the room during one of these secret times, you hold your finger to your lips, stick your tongue out just a little, and whisper "shhhhhh, it's a secret". At this point I usually tip toe back out of the room giggling. What a funny little peach you are.

*this secret 'shhh' moment was captured by your auntie jules.

Your mama 


  1. So cute, it's great that you'll have this to show her when she grows up.

  2. Ssssshhhh... don't you just love keeping secrets! x

  3. Thats so sweet that she likes to shhhh! :)

  4. Shhhhhh, you are so gorgeous Lola. Ash I just saw the pic of Lola on the side of your blog, my how your bubba has grown! I am so happy you talked me into doing the 52 project, they grow too fast.. X x x

  5. I can't wait to share some secrets with Lola in May xx