Sunday, 27 January 2013

Dear Lola, 

We have exhausted singing all the songs we know about rain over the last few days. I can't seem to get the words 'pitter, patter' out of my mind, and this morning we all snuggled in bed under the covers, watching & listening to the rain. You prayed for the people that all this extra water hadn't been so kind to, and then you pulled us in to your room, where we played this rainy morning away.

It made me realise how much you have come to own this space, your room. I watched as you twirled around and leapt from place to place with ease and pleasure. Propping up a teddy there, putting baby to sleep in her little dollhouse crib, and reaching up for your porcelain tea cup, which you filled with felt balls & served to me, saying "blow on it, it's hot". 

My hope for you, is that your room, your own little piece of the world, can continue to lift you up and make you smile.

Here are a few photos of some bits & pieces that fill your beloved room.

this hangs on your door, lovingly made by your auntie gel.  

crocheted apples strung on your big girl bed head.

a special 1st birthday card from auntie jules & uncle james is framed above your bed, with the bunting from your 1st birthday cake attached.  
I made you this hand stitched hoop that hangs with one of my most favourite sayings.

a sad pear that makes us smile.

material lanterns hung with fishing line, appear to be floating in mid air.

your beloved puppet that travelled with luke & siany through europe to find a home with you.
fox wood art, made by your aunty and I. 

lamp from my mum to me, that i passed on to you. 
a treasured pillow made by ella. 
the Heidi books I read to you when you were growing in my belly.

a special rocking horse from aunty jules & uncle james. 
a heart pillow made by me for you.

your pet rock you made with your papa.

beautiful knitted bunting made by your Oma.

a few of your treasures.

the best blackboard & the best dollhouse.

babar prints all the way from the streets of london from lukey & siany, (hung at your level of course.)

some more treasures.

and friends.

sock monkey hitches a free ride with baby edie.

book nook.

blanket stash

 I hope someday that these photos bring back some lovely memories for you little one.

 Your mama


  1. Such a magical room for gorgeous Lola, you've made it very special Ash, I'm sure it will remain one of Lola's favourite places xx

  2. Her room looks so special Ash, you have created a magical space for Lola. Quick question? When you hang her knitted blankets do they stretch? You may have just solved a major storage issue we are having... x x x x

  3. Thanks ella - I think one of the reasons I wanted to take photos was because we seem to be changing things quite often in there! It's nice to change it as she grows, but her special treasures will always have a spot in there. I think I got the moving around things habit from my mum! xx

    Elle - no stretches here. They are pretty durable - and seeming we use them to make cubbies, picnic on, and basically throw everywhere, they are pretty tough... and very loved. Wouldn't hang my knitted blankets, just the crochet ones. We have another three hanging in the loungroom off hooks. Perfect place for them out of the way. x