Monday, 4 February 2013

Dear Lola, 

Although it's near impossible to pick, I thought I'd choose one photo each day from our trip, and write a little memory to go with it.

Day 1:

Bentota welcomed three weary travellers with the sound of crashing waves, golden sand and enough fresh bananas & papaya to fill our bellies. Your highlight from our first official day, was frolicking on the beach with your new friend 'duck'.

Day 2:

The turtle hatchery ticked all the boxes today. You could cuddle as many turtles as you wanted, for as long as you wanted. You skipped, jumped & twirled from tank to tank with such excitement, and pushed your heels into the ground when it was time to say goodbye. You whispered "hello my beautiful turtles" and haven't stopped talking about it since.

Day 3:

Galle - a town with a collection of slowly decaying Dutch-colonial buildings, surrounded by THIS fort where you and papa stand and admire the view. Well, maybe not you so much, but we did walk the walls of the fort, where you were treated to plenty of salty air & the scent of rich spices from the market stalls below. To your amusement, a cheeky monkey may have also followed us from time to time.
 Day 4:

Early morning Galle - within the fort walls are beautiful laneways, boutique shops, cafes & art galleries. You are walking toward the two ladies in front of you, who welcome us in for a traditional breakfast with their extended family. While papa was brave enough to feast on chilli fish, (eating the head was optional), served with grated coconut & roti bread - whilst you enjoyed the roti very much, your eyes really lit up when a jar of coco pops were handed to you.

Day 5: 

We spent the morning hours exploring a little piece of paradise called Jungle Beach (just outside Unawatuna).  Here you are waving papa off as he goes to snorkel the nearby reef. Papa & I take turns snorkelling, while you search for coral on the seashore, build Edie a sandcastle, and pick frangapanis off all the nearby trees. It's a rocky tuk tuk ride home, but you still manage to catch some sleep.

Till next time.

side note: I'm only privileged enough to record this because you are still having your usual 2-3 hour nap, leaving me adequate time to write, as well as read my book, and have a quick dip in the pool. It's a hard life! 

Your mama


  1. Amazing! It looks like you are having a wonderful time. I cant wait to see all your photos! x x

  2. Beautiful!!!! Even though I cant see her little face in the turtle photo I can see the joy in her smiling cheeks!

  3. Such wonderful memories and experiences you are creating! I think your little Lola will grow to be such an explorer and curious little lady xx