Friday, 8 February 2013

Dear Lola, 

Day 6

As today drew to a close, you could find us here. By the water, admiring a fierce sunset, sipping on cocktails, (banana smoothies for you) and watching you dance. It seems that when the sand & your feet meet, they form an instant dancing relationship. You danced your little heart out, until you were so tired, you threw yourself onto the sand, and then asked to be carried home.
*papa thinks you look like a dragon tamer in this photo :)

Day 7

Today we needed nothing more than to stroll up and down this beautiful stretch of beach. You kept your treasured little wooden tuk tuk close at all times, explaining to anyone that would listen that you sit in the back and that the driver sits in the front, shoving your little pudgy fingers in to demonstrate. Today we swim, build more sandcastles, take turns giving you piggy back rides, and chase giant hermit crabs.

Day 8

Beautiful Mirrisa, with your endless stretch of aqua blue water, fresh seafood, bongo drums & palm trees. The highlight from today was found in simply enjoying Mirrisas beauty, from our balcony or a beach chair...  but of course your preference was soaking it all up by the waters edge. 

Your mama

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