Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Dear Lola, 

I'm planning ahead. 6 months ahead. Our littlie is due to arrive shortly before your 3rd birthday. Like 5 days before. Therefore I'm planning, gathering and creating a special birthday gift for you over the coming months. Because turning 3 is a pretty big deal.

I was inspired by these images.

And with these in mind I'm creating for you, your own fairy garden. I think we may use an old drawer as the base, as we seem to have a lot of those lying around.

Initially, I thought I'd be making every little detail myself, until I realised a whole big world of fairy lovers out there, who create some pretty special stuff. I'll still be making bits & pieces, but I couldn't go past a few of these treasures.. and I'm pretty sure they will arrive with plenty of time to spare.

the house - hand sculpted of polymer clay with a moss roof

every house needs a letter box with a snail that eats the mail (just like at ours)

A few special friends.

the sweetest lady bug clothes line

and pushbike

a table for dining out under the stars! 

Gosh I hope you love it as much as I love creating it! There's still a long way to go, but thankfully, time is on my side.

I'll be back with the finished garden in October.

Your mama


  1. Oh hun, I saw some delightful little imaginary worlds in mason jars a few weeks ago and thought how wonderful they were but this is amazing! I have no doubt Lola will adore it, especially because it has been made with love by her Mumma.

  2. I threw out so much stuff right before i left that would have been perfect! I made a miniature 1950's caravan and a Kombi van for a set design model. I had little benches and a cast iron bed as well as a bunch of miniature bunting. You can create lots of cool stuff with Polymer Clay and balsa wood. A friend from school created a very Alice in wonderland set model. It also was full of stuff that would look great. I must remember to keep the stuff i make from now on!
    Keep your eyes open for little porcelain creatures in the op shops.They always look cute tucked away in the growth.
    Also reptile and aquarium shops stock some great rocks and natural formations you could build on. Lola will love this! Such an awesome project Ash! If i find anything cool on my travels i'll send it over for her garden!

    Jess x

  3. Oh Jess that all sounded great, you creative lady. A 1950's caravan?! How adorable would that have been! Will keep my eyes peeled, we are heading to the river this weekend, so I'm thinking a cool piece of cleaned up dritwood could be incorporated somehow - the skies the limit really!
    My mums knitting some mini bunting, and I really want to add a tyre swing & tree house, like in the top photo!
    If you tihnk of anything else, be sure to let me know.
    Hope you're enjoying your big adventure!

    Much love ash xx

  4. Elle, I've also seen those magical jar terrariums, they are so sweet! Mind you anything in miniature form is the sweetest :)

  5. A wonderful idea Ash, Lola will be so delighted! I wonder if you can get mini solar lights or glow in the dark stones so the fairies can see at night! xxx

  6. Great idea ella! Marty has a bit of a thing for solar lighting, and is on to it ;) xx