Saturday, 30 March 2013

Dear Lola, 


The idea that a giant white fluffy bunny is going to hop into your lounge room and hide eggs under the pillows was enough for you to say - "Mama, I'll stay in bed sleeping with the door closed when Easter bunny comes..." 
The leopard mask was for added protection against said bunny. 
This here is your brave face.

Your mama


  1. Adorable! I haven't really gone over the specifics of Easter with my daughter yet. I kind of think that the idea of a bunny coming into her house would totally terrify her!! Glad she's not the only on in this!

  2. What a good brave face! My boy has one too. It's all kinds of adorable, the things they see as needing to be protected from.

  3. Oh that eye mask is cute but my goodness, it's those brown eyes that melted my heart!
    I love that I've found your blog! I am joining in with Jodi's 52 project as well.
    xx Katrina

  4. Ha! Erica, I think I jumped right into the specifics of easter without thinking! Mind you, with her mouth full of yummy chocolate on easter morning, apparently the easter bunny can visit anytime. Thanks everyone for stopping by x

  5. that is beautiful