Monday, 18 March 2013

Dear Lola,

I've decided to record our pregnancy journey like this - a few photos every week or two, accompanied by a few thoughts from the week. 
I figure this kid may not receive the same in depth level of documentation you did... I will try, but lack of time & sleep may prevail (sorry second child). So I may as well get ahead of the game while this littlie is still safely snuggled in my belly, and record a few bits & pieces of this magnificent journey. Both the sweet & the sour, as I like to think of it.

Here goes nothing.

WEEK 12 - from the bushland beyond our back fence.

The Sweet:

*You. Glorious you Lola, and your questions & interest & love. Some of my favs - "Is baby dancing now?" "Can I teach baby to shake its hips?" "Are you feeling sick mama?" "Must be from baby dancing again." You ask a bazillion questions and hug & kiss the little bump constantly.
*My mama buying a huge jar of gherkins, and me, only me eating them all within 12 hours of receiving them. Craving pickles is not a myth.
*Sharing the news with family.
* I cooked dinner for the first time in 6 weeks... even if it was only hamburgers. Baby steps.
*Papa taking me for tours of our garden & pointing out all the new flowers he has planted. Lovely marigolds make me feel better, and I'm informed they are a natural mozzie repellent to boot!
*Your papa (and all the things he does for me & you - which is pretty much everything)
*The feeling of having a little life growing in me. Bliss.

The Sour:

*One word - nausea. And feeling said word all. day. long.
*4am bathroom trips - and steping on lego along the way.
*Tiredness & napping at bizarre times - 6pm anyone? 
*Craving sweet & sour chicken the whole time I was writing this post. Yep.

Your mama

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