Thursday, 21 March 2013

Dear Lola, 

What is autumn Lola?

Lola: "When all the leaves fall off everything and the birds sing louder & louder."

We spent the entire morning in the backyard. No kindygym, library story time, playground, play dates or groceries to attend to. Just backyard lounging on a few pillows scattered on the grass. We talked about autumn time and how the trees will soon become nudie rudies. But as we lay there and looked around our garden, all we saw was GREEN. SO much fresh greeny goodness for us to gaze upon and explore. It was so calming to duck back out when you were napping to take a few photos of our garden.

And when we did finally get out of our pjs just before midday, you jumped straight into something a little more challenging... 

Nothing quite like a garden and gumboot kind of morning.

Your mama

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