Monday, 22 April 2013

Dear Lola, 

Boy oh boy how the weeks have raced by. Recording baby each week was never on the cards. Recording baby fortnightly, I thought may be achievable. Well, now it seems as though recording baby monthly is where we are at.

Admittedly, as we race into week 17, week 12 really doesn't seem that long ago...

I think the tricky part has been capturing a photo of me & my bump, as I seem to be behind the lens more than in front of it. 
Although I consider my husband to be a very talented photographer, we seem to garden our time away, or play and slippery slide and picnic it away. The camera out of hands, whilst we enjoy quality family time.

Funnily enough, it was only out of necessity that the below image was captured over the weekend. With Marty being asked to take photos during the loveliest wedding we attended, he used me as a subject, just to be sure the camera settings were right for the light we were graced with

As deceptive as this photo is (my bump is very evident now), I am indeed, as the photo shows, very happy  
(Note to self - must definitely get a a side on view of bump for the next update.)

 The Sweet:

- Name hunting. Yet again, we have delved in to the world of finding the perfect name for our littlie. We have a leading little ladies name, but we're a bit more stumped when it comes to naming baby boy. Hmmmm.
- Soup! Making it, testing it, eating three bowls in a row of it. Eating it for lunch the next day. Naturally, pea and ham soup is on the menu tonight.
- Feeling far less queasy + having increased energy, is perhaps the sweetest gift of all.
- Nursery planning. We are slowly but surely getting ready to move you into the biggest bedroom in our house. Hoping that you won't take any offence to the fact that baby will take over your old room, which I'm busy planning, and finding/making treasures for.
- Little tiny kicks. Bliss.
- Spending 3 whole days with best friends. Watching best friends get married. And having the best time exploring Bellingen, whilst all the while holding hands with my husband.

The Sour:

 - Indigestion. Probably a result of eating that third bowl of soup.
- Closing my belly in the car door. I did the same when carrying you. Some things never change.
- Mashed brain syndrome. Basically forgetting lots of silly things, asking the same question twice, & almost pouring juice into my cereal. And to think baby is not even here yet!

Till next time.

Your mama

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  1. Beautiful photo, I am loving your hair short! Good luck with the name hunting, I loved looking at all the beautiful names out there but I never strayed from Audrey May.. So happy you enjoyed Bellingen! x x