Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Dear Lola, 

Today alone you have helped me make porridge, sushi, chorizo bean & spinach soup, and two banana smoothies. 
You have your own section in the fridge with access to yoghurt, cheese, vegies, cold water & any leftovers we may have.
We never did baby/toddler proof the kitchen, instead the drawers you can reach & access, have equipment in them you are allowed to use.

You have a kitchen stool you can pull over to the sink to wash your hands, blend your smoothies & stand on when flipping pancakes, or when assisting me or your papa with cooking.

If you spot toast or a slice of bread, your hands up to be primary spreader, and if I mention the word porridge, you are by my side in a wink, completing every step with minimal assistance from myself.

At home you set the table each night, especially happy if the meal requires you to set out the salt, pepper, sauce, mustard and hot chilli sauce. The more jobs & responsibility you have, the bigger your smile grows.

Although a new kitchen will take the place of this old one, we will keep these features as they have worked so well for you.

The point of this story? Well, all this activity got me thinking, and made me realise how best you learn, as well as reflect on the learning environment we have attempted to provide for you.

"The Montessori approach fosters children's love of learning and encourages independence by providing an environment of activities and materials which children use at their own pace. This builds self-confidence, inner discipline, a sense of self-worth and instils positive social behaviour. The approach forms the basis for lifelong learning."

Simple everyday activities that you undertake, such as pouring a drink, spreading of butter on a piece of toast, juicing an orange, peeling a hard boiled egg, preparing an apple to eat etc. all foster independence. That's a pretty cool thought!

This approach is of course not limited to the kitchen, but to all areas of play & life.

With all this said & done, at the end of the day, whatever way you best learn & grow, we can only hope it's as funky & fresh as your choice of smoothie making attire!

Your mama


  1. Such a clever little munchkin! And that outfit is so cool, next time I make a smoothie I think I'll do it with sunglasses on!

  2. Loving her sunnies, headband and stripes, so stylish...and banana smoothies yum!
    Besides the chemical/cleaning product cupboard, we never house proofed our place either. I love an independent child, it's amazing what our little ones are capable of and can achieve if provided with opportunities! x