Friday, 5 April 2013

Dear Lola, 

I'm getting kind of hooked on this thinking ahead thing. Your fairy garden birthday present is well underway, and now I'm thinking beyond that. No I'm not thinking about Christmas quite yet, but rather about how much time of mine our little baby is going to consume in the early days.... weeks.... okay, months.

Thankfully we are blessed with a small village of family to assist when needed, but there will no doubt be plenty of time when it's just the three of us at home between the hours of 8:30am & 4:30pm. And I admit I'm looking forward to those times.

So when I am feeding, burping, changing, settling the baby, repeat, repeat, repeat - I'm sure that most of the time you will happily find things to amuse yourself, you're pretty good at that. Or going by our chats you'll most likely be assisting me as much as possible with baby related stuff. 

But let's be realistic, there will be times when you will both need me, times when your pulling your hair out with boredom or frustration, times when I'll turn to cartoons for help, times when I'll be too tired to function, and times when I'll wish I had four hands instead of two.

To ease these hard times just a little, each week leading up to bubs arrival, I'm going to make or organise one activity for you, that can be tucked away in the cupboard and pulled out as a surprise for you to play with when needed.

Activity one:

Make tea bags for lola ~ inspired by these images and your love of the tea making process, I've made you your own set, so you can pour & make tea until your hearts content.

Here's how yours turned out.

Now, let's just hope I've got enough patience to hold off giving you this special little surprise. I can't wait for my first cuppa.

Your mama

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  1. How sweet! May have to look into making some for my daughters little cooking corner!

    Sophie xo