Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Dear Lola, 

I like to think of you as my 'little-big girl' at the moment.

My little girl still needs a 3 hour nap each day, to make it through the day happy & laughing.
My big girl who missed a nap yesterday due to a family picnic, today announced half an hour before nap time "I better go to sleep now, so you don't make me miss my sleep & bed again."

My little girl likes help off the trampoline at kindy gym.
My big girl likes when mama stands back at kindygym, so she can give her full attention to her much loved teachers.

My little girl often puts her shoes on the wrong feet.
My big girl says that she will fix them when they get too uncomfortable.

My little girl sits in a high chair dangling her legs at dinnertime.
My big girl says she'll answer my questions after she finishes her mouthful.
My little girl gives lots of cuddles & back pats and kisses at home.
Thank goodness, my big girl does too.

More and more you're moving away from a little toddler to a big girl. It's bittersweet, but mostly just sweet.

Your mama

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  1. Beautiful words Ash. How amazing is it that you get to watch your baby grow and change into such a delightful big girl. And how grateful I am that you are sharing part of her journey here so I ride along with you from afar xxx