Friday, 12 April 2013

Dear Lola, 

Lately we have been...

Playing. Although we are farewelling the sun earlier these days, we still seem to catch every splinter of daylight we can in our yard of an evening. Most afternoons your papa comes home from work and heads straight out the backdoor with you, where you stay till it's time to set the table for dinner. A dinner which you insist take place outside, naturally. Let's hope this lovely autumn weather sticks around a little longer.

Chats about everything from the tastiest herbs to deer poop.

Look what I found!

the birds are flowering

Planning. For more than just a new baby. A new kitchen is on its way. Which means a wall has to come out, final decisions on 'everything' kitchen have to be made, and we have to ship out of home for a few days while all of this happens.  

With my current state of mind, we are thankful for any inspiration. See below.

Nesting. In every room. Drawers are being emptied & re-arranged. Carpet is being ripped up. Extra sewing is taking place. You are moving rooms. The vacuum cleaner is tired, and no piece of furniture is safe in one place for very long.

I kind of liked your toy area in the living room, so I snapped a photo of it. 

Lucky I did, because the next day I changed it...

This morning we made our fourth trip of the week to the botanic gardens to hang out with some best friends. Yesterday was spent exploring Bundanoon & giving your great nanna lovely cuddles. The new & largely improved chicken coop is almost finished. Have I covered it all? Most definitely not, but we have to start somewhere!

Your mama


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