Saturday, 13 April 2013

Dear Lola,


Have a little guess what you spent the morning doing? 
I stared at this photo for quite a while, trying to work out why in this shot you look ten years old, rather than your lovely two and a half years of age. After contemplating this thought, I grabbed you in my arms and whispered "don't grow up too quickly little paint hands." Through cuddles and tickles you giggled "don't worry mama, I won't."

Your mama


  1. Oh Lola you are adorable, like absolutely heart meltingly gorgeous.

    Beautiful photo, of your not so 'baby like anymore', baby.

  2. Those big dark eyes, and the flower in her hair - She is beautiful even with blue hands!x

  3. Oh my goodness, those eyes! I haven't visited for ages - your Lola is growing up. Where do the days go?

  4. Thanks ladies. Greer, I try to not think where the days go, my emotions don't seem to cope with the concept that time goes too fast. I was telling a friend today that I have been following your blog since you made your big move. Your girls are as delightful as ever, (and so are those gorgeous bonnets you create). I'll be ordering one for my Lola this winter xx

  5. First time visitor to Dear Lola and oh. my. gosh. Lola is stunning! Love her dark brown eyes! Time flies by doesn't it. My big girl is almost three and youngest 7months, seems like yesterday I held them for the first time.

  6. GORGEOUS!!!!